FeaturePoints review – Get Paid Just for Downloading!

What is FeaturePoints and Does the Site Offer?

FeaturePoints is an application that will remunerate you for downloading and evaluating free applications. You will be paid in focuses, which you can reclaim for different prizes.

You will fundamentally be downloading applications that are originating from their sponsors and give them a shot. You should utilize it for two or three minutes or achieve an errand. At that point you will be paid in focuses in the wake of finishing that errand.

The focuses you acquire will fluctuate per application and the assignment you have to finish. When you have enough, you can trade your focuses for remunerations, similar to gift vouchers or money.

FeaturePoints can be utilized by the two iOS and Android gadgets, you will simply need to download the application, register, and start winning focuses. It is free and simple to join.

FeaturePoints has existed since 2012 and as indicated by the site itself, it has since paid out more than $5,600,000 in remunerations to its individuals.

As indicated by what I have discovered from testing it, it is certainly conceivable to make some additional cash by utilizing FeaturePoints.

If it will be for you or not relies upon a few things like for instance the procuring strategies you like utilizing. So let's, above all else, go over the manners in which you can gain on FeaturePoints.

Is FeaturePoints Legit or a Scam?

No FeaturePoints isn't a trick. It’s a genuine open door where you can acquire some entirely income sans work. I don't have anything yet beneficial comments about this application other than the way that there sufficiently isn't applications accessible.

​FeaturePoints is great if you have a couple of additional minutes and have literally nothing to do. So, use it to make a couple of additional bucks to a great extent, yet don't make a special effort attempting to profit with it, it’s fair not justified, despite any potential benefits.

Is Feature Points a Safe Way to Make Money?

The focuses would then be able to be reclaimed for remunerations, similar to money, gift vouchers, Bitcoin, or Stream credits. The focuses you can gain will change per application, and the greater part of the applications that you have to download are down applications.

To procure focuses, you should download the application and complete the conditions that accompany it. Normally, you will just need to go through around 2 minutes utilizing the application to procure your focuses.

Be that as it may, there are different applications that will expect you to accomplish something other than utilize the application, as some would necessitate that you arrive at a specific level with a character or arrive at a specific stage.

You can almost certainly expect around 60 to 130 points from downloading applications and utilizing them. Other than downloading applications, you can likewise gain focuses for noting overviews. You simply need to finish your profile to open this component.

The focuses you can gain per study question will shift on the sort of study you are noting and from which accomplice is it originating from. It appears, however, that you can win up to 2500 noting studies.

FeaturePoints likewise enables you to gain focuses through web based life. Loving FeaturePoints on Facebook and tailing them on Twitter will procure you 10 each while buying in to their YouTube channel will acquire 5.

In case you're ready, you can likewise make a YouTube tribute video about FeaturePoints and procure 300. If despite everything you need to procure more focuses, you can likewise exploit the application's referral program.

You will procure half of your referrals profit forever, enabling you to get more focuses rapidly. It is essential to note, however, that your focuses can lapse.

If you haven't signed in to FeaturePoints or downloaded and utilized an application for 60 days, your focuses will return to zero. So you have to ensure you're always utilizing the application and downloading applications.

When you have aggregated enough focuses, you can trade them for remunerations like money, gift vouchers, Bitcoins, and Steam credit.

 The base point prerequisite you need if you need to reclaim money or Bitcoin is 600 points and that is worth $1. The money installment will be sent to you by means of PayPal, while Bitcoin installment is sent to your Coinbase account.

How to Join FeaturePoints?

​It is extremely simple to join FeaturePoints. Simply click the catch beneath, and you will be taken to the sign-up page. By tapping the catch underneath, you will likewise consequently utilize my referral code which will give you 50 free focuses immediately.

It takes not exactly a moment to join, and afterward you can begin acquiring immediately.

Click this button to visit FeaturePoints sign-up page!

How Much Money Can You Make from Feature Points?

600 points are worth $1 so if you need to money out $10, you have to have 6,000 points. If you acquire 300 points for downloading and utilizing the application, it implies that you have earned $0,50. If you download all their applications and offers, you'll in all probability arrive at that $10 target and somewhat more.

Who to Uses FeaturePoints?

The FeaturePoints application is utilized by two gatherings of individuals, the publicists, who are hoping to build the download and use pace of their applications and to present new applications, and individuals like you who are hoping to profit.

For publicists, the organization shows an open door for them to elevate their applications straightforwardly to a large number of individuals. Advancing their application on FeaturePoints will guarantee that it will be downloaded and utilized by genuine individuals.

The organization has propelled misrepresentation assurance, which ensures that traffic their promoters' application will get is of high caliber.

They likewise have a committed record supervisory group to help the promoters and guarantee that their crusades are going easily.

The charge for promoting in FeaturePoints is likewise reasonable, giving sponsors the best blast for their cash. For individuals like you, the organization gives a chance to profit for things you do routinely.

Downloading an application and utilizing them to give it a shot is something that you may routinely do in a day and with no type of installment. In any case, with the FeaturePoints application, you get the chance to accomplish these things and be paid for it.

The applications you should download are sans altogether so you won't need to stress over burning through cash. The greater part of the applications to be downloaded are down applications.

As a rule, you will just need to put in a few minutes on the application to acquire your focuses, however different applications necessitate that you complete a specific errand, such as leveling up, to win the focuses.

When you've procured enough focuses, you can recover them for remunerations like gift vouchers, money or Bitcoins. To be a part, you simply need to download the application, for Android clients, or go to their site, for iOS clients.

Get Free Points with a FeaturePoints Referral Code - AQKYW3

Highlight focuses referral program is having tremendous significance in the component focuses remunerate application. For each referral of highlight focuses clients will get 50 points in include focuses account wallet. clients can recover their earned focuses by means of PayPal cash, amazon.com gift vouchers/coupons, Steam credits around the world, google play coupons, promotion codes, pokecoin cards and some more.

​Free Featurepoints clients can win boundless real money through numerous exercises like downloading applications, welcome and win, doing basic day by day undertakings and other part of exercises.

Feature Points Payout

Each 600 that you amass is identical to $1. Highlight Points offers you a wide scope of choices to the extent making installments is concerned. The organization pays its individuals as gift vouchers (Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Xbox, Steam), PayPal money and paid applications.

How to Get Feature Points Faster?

Get your companion to enroll utilizing your code/referral interface, they'll win 50 points and you'll acquire half purposes of all their downloaded application (Example: They download an application who gives them 50, you'll get 25).

No more offers, consistently the equivalent, or just some place you never get the focuses? Download a VPN application, or set a VPN association, you ought to get more/different offers! A great deal of instructional exercises can be found on the web if you don't have the foggiest idea how to do.

You can gain 20 by loving FeaturePoints on Facebook + 10 for tailing them on Twitter. Making counterfeit records for this reason for existing is extremely simple if you would prefer not to utilize your genuine records.

 You can without much of a stretch acquire 3000+ focuses every month, utilizing it just 5 mins per day.

What l Liked About FeaturePoints?

Subsequent to examining what FeaturePoints is and having a thought of how it functions, the time has come to talk about what I preferred about the application.

Most likely the best thing that I like about this application is that it gives you a choice to recover for money. There's nothing amiss with getting gift vouchers or game credits, yet money is as yet the most ideal approach to get paid for doing some work.

It's straightforward and simple to procure focuses. You simply need to download an application, use it for two or three minutes or complete the required errand, at that point you acquire your focuses. There's no muddled or hard stuff, you simply need to download and utilize the application.

It is free and simple to join, so you won't need to stress over paying for an enlistment charge or experiencing a long enrollment process and responding to a great deal of inquiries.

What I Disliked about FeaturePoints?

Obviously, there are additionally things that I didn't care for about FeaturePoints and I'll be examining them here.

The primary thing I don't care for about FeaturePoints is that your focuses can lapse if you haven't been utilizing the application for some time. I understand that the organization is utilizing this to constrain individuals to always utilize the application and download different applications. Be that as it may, I think returning the focuses you earned to zero is somewhat brutal for a punishment.

The applications for you to download are not such huge numbers of, making it difficult to procure more focuses. If you've just downloaded an application previously, there's a likelihood that you won't win any focuses from it if you download it once more. There will likewise be times that there are no more applications for you to download since you have downloaded all that is accessible to you.

Prizes are likewise usually out of stock, particularly gift vouchers, which is frustrating, particularly if that is the reward you like to reclaim your focuses with.

The prizes can likewise rely upon topographical area, so there will be sure rewards that probably won't be available to you.

Final Verdict

Do I prescribe FeaturePoints? Truly, I really prescribe this application. In any case, I possibly suggest it if your objective isn't to procure a great deal of cash and is simply searching for approaches to win a little extra salary.

This application won't make you rich and the time you would require so as to gain a fair measure of cash wouldn't be justified, despite all the trouble. You could discover better utilization of your time.

The focuses you can acquire won't be a ton and the base money out prerequisite is somewhat high, so you will be fortunate to gain $10 to $20 every month in this site, a limited quantity of cash that won't supplant your normal everyday employment at any point in the near future.

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