Lockscreen Cash Rewards with SlideJoy App

Lockscreen Cash Rewards with SlideJoy App is intended to be utilized by two sorts of individuals. One of them are organizations and publicists who need to reach and draw in with individuals through their cell phones.

The excellence of the application is that individuals will get the chance to see the promotion each time they open their gadget. As a result they simply need to pick whether they need to find out more or continue to the home screen of their gadget.

People won’t have to open the application to see their promotions, as their advertisements and promotions will be unmistakable at whatever point individuals open their gadget.

What is SlideJoy?

Slidejoy is a lock screen rewards application that will give you a chance to acquire rewards for showing promotions on your cell phone lock screen, messing around, taking reviews and introducing applications.

For this action, you will procure carats (Slidejoy focuses) that can be recovered for money and blessing vouchers. Prior, 1000 carats used to be $1. Be that as also, presently, 1020 carats make $1.

Why SlideJoy?

You will be paid in the application’s money called Carats, which you can reclaim for remunerations like money. The application additionally has different approaches to gain Carats, beside giving promotions a chance to run each time you open your gadget.

In view of what the organization vows to give, I can say it is an authentic open door that truly pays. The application truly pays you day by day for introducing it and giving the promotions a chance to run each time you open your screen.

There has likewise been little objection about the organization making postponed installment or not giving installment to their individuals. It is likewise allowed to download the application and sign in.

You won’t generally gain that much with this chance, however, and you will see, as this audit goes further, why you can just hope to acquire in any event $0.2 every day with this application.

How do you use SlideJoy?

Download the application and utilize your telephone as typical

Get the application, endure the advertisements and money in your modest number of Carats each time you arrive at the base $2 PayPal pay-out. Acquiring potential is around $2-6 USD every month.

Complete studies and mess around

You can build your winning potential by playing different games and taking overviews through the application. This be that as it may, is a finished misuse of your valuable time. The additional income is not worth your significant time – spend it somewhere else on increasingly rewarding endeavors.


Each client gets a referral code that they can impart to other people. This can be utilized to great impact to create 100 additional Carats for each 500 Carats the new client collects (for the initial 3 months after enrollment). You would need to ceaselessly allude individuals to Slidejoy to make this an incredible referral conspire.

How do you earn SlideJoy carats?

Slidejoy is a lock screen rewards application that will give you a chance to acquire remunerates just by introducing the application and enabling advertisements to run each time you open your cell phone.

You will be paid in Carats, which is the application’s virtual money, and you recover your Carats for remunerations like money.

The manner in which you procure with this application is straightforward, as the principal thing you have to do is to download the application and register, which is allowed to do as such.

Enrolling is basic, as you can do so by means of associating your Facebook record or joining by means of your email address. You will get 20 Carats just by enlisting on the application

From that point forward, you’re done and your portable will currently have another open screen when you attempt to open it. You will simply need to swipe right to go to your gadget or swipe left to become familiar with the advertisement.

At the point when you open your gadget, an advertisement or news story will be appeared on your screen and you can decide to become familiar with it or go straightforwardly to your gadget, by simply swiping left or right.

The magnificence of Slidejoy is that they will pay you in Carats, in any case if you swipe left or right. As a result income won’t be influenced regardless of whether you don’t choose to get more data about the advertisement being shown.

So you can simply swipe right to go legitimately to your gadget and you will even now gain. The application, however, monitors the sorts of promotions that you swipe left to, so then they will show more advertisements like that.

It wasn’t referenced the amount you will get every day, except examine shows that just by introducing and letting the promotion run each time you open your gadget will acquire you near 200 Carats per day.

Also 200 Carats is changed over into $0.20 on the grounds that 1000 Carats is equal to $1. This implies the application will pay near $0.2 every day just by introducing it and allowing promotions to run.

This will bring about profit of just underneath 6000 out of a month or near $6. This doesn’t sound a lot, yet you will do nothing unique here. Slidejoy, however, additionally has different approaches to win Carats.

Is SlideJoy legit?

Lockscreen Cash Rewards with SlideJoy App is a legit application that pays you cash for running promotions on your screen lock and performing different exercises.

Prior, this application was great yet with the new updates, the span to come to the payout sum has expanded significantly.

Along these lines, if you’re hoping to make several dollars consistently, at that point this application is certainly not for you on the grounds that, toward the month’s end, you may make just $2-$5 which may even take 3-5 months to reach.

How much I can earn from SlideJoy?

All things considered, clients of Slidejoy can gain between 200 to 500 carats ($0.20 to $0.50) every day by just utilizing the lock-open include.

When your record has achieved the base money out estimation of 2000 carats, which is comparable to $2, you can demand a payout. You have the choices of reclaiming your reward focuses to your PayPal record or gift vouchers. If you are feeling especially liberal, you can likewise choose to give your income to philanthropy.

Does SlideJoy work in India?

You can reclaim your focuses to PayPal or bitcoin. Ensure you have at least 2000 slidejoy carats since that meant 2 dollar. By moving into bitcoin, you can utilize it in amazon gift cards and through PayPal you can later move it to your bank or utilize PayPal represent web-based shopping. To have the option to receive money in PayPal you need a container card when you will enroll you can apply for dish card free, anybody can have skillet card in India.

How do I get started with SlideJoy?

When you have introduced the product in your cell phone or tablet, you will be coordinated to a sign-in screen where you have the choices of marking in with your Facebook record or email address. Next, you will be required to choose a mode. There are two modes to look over, in particular ‘typical’ and ‘saint’.

Choosing ordinary mode enables you to pull back your Slidejoy profit to your PayPal account. This mode additionally offers you the choice to recover your carats as gift vouchers. Then again, the ‘saint’ mode enables you to give your profit to a philanthropy.

After you have finished the sign-up process, you will be considered page where you can fill in your profile and watch your details.

The Slidejoy application comes as a screen lock. You can open your telephone the same number of times as you need so as to expand your carats. When you have the portable board introduced on your telephone, the stage will consequently send you advertisements. You may decide to:

  • First go left to study the showed advertisement
  • Second go up to see another advertisement
  • Third swipe right to reject the advertisement and open your phone

Fundamentally, you don’t have to associate with the advertisement with a certain goal in mind. For whatever length of time that you keep the application introduced on your gadget, you will get paid, paying little heed to what you do with the promotion.

Pros & Cons of SlideJoy app

  • An effortless way to make money
  • Application is easy to download and install
  • You receive bonus reward points for installing the app
  • Minimum cash out amount is low

 Limited opportunities for making money

Tip to use SlideJoy

Utilize your versatile ordinarily as you generally do. There is no point of locking and opening your screen on different occasions figuring it will expand your carats.

Allude more clients. If SlideJoy has more clients, more sponsors will burn through cash on them which will in the end increment their procuring and along these lines, you’ll get the advantage.

Join through Facebook to procure more. Presently, I don’t have the foggiest idea about the definite purpose for it however SlideJoy has referenced this in their F.A.Q page. My conjecture is that if you’re utilizing the Facebook account, at that point SlideJoy can undoubtedly know your advantage. Accordingly, they will target better promotions for you which will in the end increment CTR and acquiring for them.

What I Liked about the Slidejoy App

Since we find out about the Slidejoy application and what it does, the time has come to talk about what I preferred about the chance.

I like that Slidejoy gives you a chance to gain just by opening your cell phone gadget. There’s no requirement for you to do anything unique. Simply utilize your gadget like you generally do and the application will pay you every day for it.

I additionally like that Slidejoy offers a choice to recover what you win for money. There’s nothing amiss with getting gift vouchers or different things, yet I generally incline toward getting paid in real money.

The prerequisite to pull back your cash isn’t that high, as at least 2000 Carats or $2 is required so as to pull back.

What I Didn’t Like about the Slidejoy App

As engaging as the open door that Slidejoy gives, there are additionally things that I didn’t care for about the application.

The main thing that I didn’t care for about the Slidejoy application is that you should hold up 3 months before you can get your first installment. Ideally, as you utilize the application more, you won’t have to hold up this long to get paid for what you gain.

It’s additionally heartbreaking that the application is just accessible in the U.S. also, to Android clients. This really constrains the quantity of individuals you can allude the application to, in this manner restricting the salary potential you could have with it.

With a constrained pay potential, Slidejoy isn’t an open door that will make you rich or even furnish you with month to month conventional pay. You can just hope to procure simply over $5 per month here, particularly if you simply depend on the prizes from opening your gadget. Regardless of whether you attempt different offers and the referrals, you can almost certainly expand your month to month income to $10 probably.

Do I Recommend the Slidejoy App?

In the wake of becoming familiar with the Slidejoy application and what it can offer you, yes I would suggest that you download and give a shot the application yourself, if you don’t hope to gain enormous here.

The explanation I suggest this application is on the grounds that I think of it as a decent chance to profit as an afterthought without the need to truly do anything extraordinary or change your every day schedule or calendar.

How does SlideJoy Pay?

SlideJoy pays you in PayPal money, Gift Vouchers and Mobile/Cable top-up energize when you arrive at a specific measure of carats.

Here is a brisk breakdown. (It might change as per your nation)

PayPal Cash – At least 2,040 carats for $2

Versatile/Cable Top-Up – 1,680 to 1,785 carats

Blessing Voucher – 3,700 to 15,096 carats

SlideJoy Reviews & Complaints

There are thousands of Slidejoy reviews on the Internet. How to find the most reliable ones? I’ve gathered the most helpful information for you on this article so you don’t need to spend your time going through all those reviews.

SlideJoy- Conclusion

Lockscreen Cash Rewards with Slidejoy app is the most legit and genuine app to make some extra real cash. If you want to get free PayPal cash or gift vouchers then what are you waiting for, download the app now and start making money. In this app, you didn’t get more money but you can make some extra cash.